Ozone (O3) to destroy and prevent COVID-19?

Dinsdag 17 Maart 2020

I need to tell something. It is a long story, but I’ll be worth your time. Because knowledge is power! As owner of Schildpaddenopvang Harkema (turtle sanctuary) with more than 1500 turtles, which are all kept beneath one roof, so inflammation diseases are a thing. Especially lung diseases which are spread by viruses. This is also called ‘sickness pressure’. If we wouldn’t do anything, would it just like the COVID-19 virus be a pandemic. Because multiple kinds of turtles (from different continents) would get in contact with a for them unknown viruses. There are no antibodies, so the animals will get sick.


You can compare the infection/contamination, which is now taking place with the coronavirus. People who didn’t have it yet, don’t have antibodies, because the virus is new to humans. Old people or people with a weak immune system have a big chance of dying, just like our animals. Next to that are all turtles with lung diseases always very weak and most often they die. One of the reasons is the lung positions of the turtle. You understand, we are trying to do everything to eliminate each kind of (unknown) disease, to prevent that our animals get sick. This starts of course with a non-stress environment with enough warmth, light and healthy foods. This will buildup the turtle’s immune system. To keep a healthy environment and not a firebox/hotbed of all kinds of pathogens organism, we’re using Ozone for already years, many people find this sound scary, but it’s not. Well, if know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it!

Ozon (O3) consists out of one molecule with three oxygen atoms, this is an unstable gas, which wants to return as quickly as possible to its original state/form and that’s oxygen (O2) consisting out of two oxygen atoms. To do this, the Ozone wants to burn with something, we call this oxidation. This is roughly the same effect which for instance Chloride or Alcohol is doing with decontamination of something. The big advantage of Ozone is, that there no leftovers, only pure oxygen! 

Ozone is “created” with an Ozone generator on power/electricity, this can be done with a special UV light or even better with a high voltage corona unloading (yes yes corona??). In this way there is a high voltage, like the blue light you see in a storm, short circuit or welding, will Ozone be made from the oxygen in the air. By using a fan, the Ozone Molecules will be spread in the air, ready to oxidate with only organical bodies. Organical bodies are all the microorganism like viruses, bacteria and fungus. Even parasites are sensitive to Ozone.

-The description of the scent of Ozone would be the smell after rain or a storm, it smells refreshing. When I smelled it for the first time, it made me remember an old TV smell :) In the past we had those enormous TV’s, which smelled like Ozone, because those TV’s worked with high voltage.-


Ozone is as you understand a really effective and powerful tool/remedy. But just like others tools, there is also a danger, but only one, it can be dangerous when you inhale high amounts of Ozone. There will appear lung problems and sensitive mucous membranes like eyes and nose. That’s the only danger. That’s why we use low amounts in the sanctuary, just enough to keep the sicknesses on a minimum. We haven’t seen/experienced any kinds of virus outbreak since we started to use Ozone. Next to that the medicine intake has been reduced with 70%! 70%!!!


Inside the sanctuary we use professional devices to measure the amounts of Ozone 24/7. We use it for air and water sterilisation. For house friendly use they most often say that those devices have Ionizing functioning. One prefer to avoid the word “Ozone” and use Ionisation due to our nasty experiences with the gap(s) in our Ozone layer, you remember?

Don’t forget that our Ozone protected us. There is a reason that we are surrounded by our Ozone layer, it protects us for damaging UV radiation from the sun.


I didn’t understand why the health care and government didn’t treat our public areas with Ozone. Understandable with high concentrations. I know that Ozone will be used in certain situations, but that’s for sure not enough! It’s a convenient and an effective tool. It would get the social and economic problems to the minimum, which grow each day. If Ozone would be used in schools, hospitals, grocery stores etc. If Ozone would be used, it would make the contamination risks decrease a lot. I understand that Ozone isn’t probably not a “miracle cure”, but it is an excellent tool to prevent a quick spread. That’s the number one priority for now, otherwise it would overload the health care system...


Why is nothing been done with this?


Till I read today, that a Chinese professor had done a positive research on the use of Ozone. This research is published already two weeks ago. Read here to continue.http://www.china.org.cn/opinion/2020-02/26/content_75747237_4.htm


What do you think? Is Ozone a possibility? Or not?


It would be great if you would share this, perhaps somebody could use this and make the difference.